Book a Performance at Brixens! 

we would love you to play at our amazing venue, and are leaving the power in your hands!  

We know that as a sought after artist your schedule is hectic and we can appreciate that!  However, we would love to have you play at Brixens, as we are confident it is one of the best, intimate venues in all of Albuquerque!  To make it easy on you, we have set up the interactive calendar below to allow you to set up a date which will work best for you!  Once the date has been booked, it will no longer show up on the calendar, so if you see a date you would like to perform, you can feel confident we can make it work!

Right now we are scheduling musical performances on Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday nights from 8pm - 11pm.  If there is a date you would like to perform that you don't see on the calendar, let us know and we might be able to make a special arrangement.  

If you have any other questions or requests, you can easily email us by filling out the form below.  

Thank you so much, and we can't wait to have you play at Brixens!

- The Brixens' Team

*Hint - Want to book more than one event? We'd be honored!  Just hit the refresh button on your screen and the calendar will update itself, leaving you free to book more events!

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If you need any more information or have anything else you need us to know regarding your booking, please just fill out the form below, and we will get back to you as soon as possible! 

Thanks again!

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We can’t wait to have you play at Brixens!
— The Brixens Team